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Latest Kontent Machine Discount – Get Upto 40% OFF [February 2018 Discount]

Kontent Machine Discount and Offers

are you looking for Kontent Machine Discount 2018,? Well, recently we have updated this article with February Kontent Machine Discount 2018. They are providing 40% off on Kontent Machine!

We also have written a perfect review after experiencing the Kontent Machine Tools we are now ready for providing you the full review for Kontent Machine – The Best Content Generator Tool.

Kontent Machine Discount 2018 [Februaray]

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Since we all are Internet Marketer we all face that writing block once in a week or month when we found too much difficult to write more for our blogs. This is the major truth we all find once in our Internet marketer journey.

When it comes to content marketing or writing we all know a thing in our minds that how much we spin the content but at the end, we won’t be able to get 100% unique and quality content.

While surfing the internet as an IM we all know that there is so much content on the internet, so why not we use a machine that generates good content for our blogs.

For this reason, The Kontent Machine is the best tool online which generates 100% unique content.

What is Kontent Machine?

 What, When or by Whom 

Which is that popular software all the people are talking about and the major sites banner sites are promoting. Yes, we are talking about Kontent Machine – The Best Content Generating Tool online.

This is the only software on the internet who helps the internet warriors to provide quality content to their customers through their websites. This is what we called Kontent Machine in one sentence, but there is also a lot more discussion about.

Honest Review

Kontent Machine allows users to generate link SEO friendly unique content for their respective websites.  Kontent Machines s used by thousands of SEO experts on their websites and also sets the standard when it comes to the content creation.

If you are using any link building SEO software that automates the process of publishing the content for your website so you must which costs you more money. But if you switch to Kontent Machine which provides you the best quality content also with the Link popularity opportunities for your respective website.

Here we go for the Major features for Kontent Machine, these all features we have written after trying ourselves.

  • Article Getter: If you are getting tired of those all work to think about the article topics or if you are looking for some more content ideas so it’s just a step away from you. Kontent Machines will help you get more logical ideas for in just a click. It’s really a super advance feature to get quality content for your website.
  • Perfectly Designed For Link Building Tiers: Kontent Machines is the only software which knows the link pyramids of your websites, whether it is tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 and so on. We will gonna discuss briefly the link building opportunities you will gonna get while using the Kontent Machines.
  • Useful Money Making Method: Kontent Machines is the best tool on the market which helps you drive more quality links to your website. Doing this can be a really impressive method to make more money online without doing anything.
  • Easy Ways To Use Content Template Builder: You can generate your own content templates according to your needs which means you can export the results of Kontent Machine in any format you want. You must be want content according to your website structure so don’t worry you can also do that.
  • Kontent Machine will provide you the best relevant Videos and Images according to your Website which you can perfectly be aligned in any manner you can.
  • 100% Perfect Contextual Links Placed: As a blogger, we all know that the Contextual link building is the vital part of SEO. For this Kontent Machine is always make sure that puts links into your Kontent surrounded by the most relevant content.

So there you have 6 major features of Kontent Machine – A Content Generator Tool online. Maybe this is the perfect start of Kontent Machine Review. Now it’s time for the major section of our Today’s session and that is How Kontent Machine Works?

How Do We Use Kontent Machine?

How To Use Kontent Machine More Effectively To Get 100% Quality Content 

First of all the other things let us introduce with the Kontent Machine UI, user experience, and functionality. After the installation of Kontent Machine tool into your computer you must be welcomed with the clean and simple screen.


Kontent Machine Interface

Kontent Machine Interface

This is really very easy to make the user understand the interface. The option you will get here is just like :


To start a new project using the full project builder.


Carry on the saved projects by you and build more content into the respective project.


A cut down version of the new project builder with some of the options removed.


These are using in the projects to determine what type and how many links are theirs into each article.


Quick use tools for bookmarks, article, about me and various spinning tools.


It will take you to the previous screen on whatever you were doing.

At first, we will be going through the “New” Project builder, once you know how to use it you can easily use this with the option of Quick Project builder. Click on the  “New”

Kontent Machine - New Project Builder

Kontent Machine – New Project Builder

Let’s go through the option we have on this screening step by step:

  • Scraper Setting: This option allows you to configure your proxies, you can get away without using any proxies but if you have them you can run even faster.
  • Campaign Setting: This will gives you the option to easily turn Adult Content Option turn on/off and specify the number of variations you want to use each time. Left this option as default unless you need any kind of Adult Content.
  • Content Source: Here you can pick between scraping content, using existing articles or a combination of them both. So now if you have a huge number of  collection of articles written by your team so then you can use Kontent Machine to either insert new scraped content in them, or using the ‘Add Own Content” option at the bottom of the page you can insert new generic spun ‘intro’, ‘mid’ and ‘conclusion’ paragraphs in to your articles and thus add links in context.
  • Campaign Name: This is the name of the project under which your project will be going to save for future purposes.
  • Main Keyword: This is the major thing for which the Kontent Machine will be going to scrape for. It will search all it’s database to find the content related to your Main Keyword.
  • Here you must enter the additional keywords for you required content, make sure you must enter keywords which related to your main keyword. This can help Kontent Machine to find more relevant content according to your need.
  • Content Quality: It is the big one reason why Kontent Machine becomes a more effective tool than their previous version. There is actually no longer any need to configure the quality settings as in 99% of cases the only two you need are ‘Tier 1’ and ‘Tier 2’. Both of these are pre-programmed to use only what it determines is the best quality content and to spin them in a way which is most readable.
  • Spinner: Now you have to spinner according to your needs. Click on the credential button next to spinner option by which you will be able to watch various spinning tools. Choose any one of them according to your mood or need.
  • Images/Videos: If you are creating content for any site just like a wiki so set it for the none. If you are making content for any WordPress blog and for Social network or for any other sources of content which needs media to be included so you have to choose one option.

Lastly, click on the nest button to continues your project which will take you to the screen below :


Kontent Machine - Next Link Builder

Kontent Machine – Next Link Builder

Here we set up exactly how the links will be going to show in our article.

The first link you will have is the default ‘Main Keyword’ and this will be an ‘in context’ link. That is the link will be in the actual text itself and from the keyword you have chosen earlier, by far the best sort of link placement you can use.

For SEnuke Wizard use you should tick the box on the right that says ‘Token’ and use the token #links#, the wizard will use this as a marker to replace that with a keyword and link, remember to use the same keyword in SEnuke in order for the content and link to make sense.

Click on the Build and Export button to export the content which you have generated.

The process of generating content once after you click on the generate button will take some time. So sit back and relax until the content has been generated for you.

Out setup is now complete if you found any difficulty to generate content relevant to your site so comment your problem we are very happy to help you.

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